Response 1: Enable success through an agile approach to technology and teaching

To take advantage of the digital we need to foster and support the evolution of research and teaching practices. Technical ‘solutions-in-box’ do not improve teaching or research practices in and of themselves. Providing time and resources for professional digital development backed by senior management is key. Creating and supporting an environment that encourages experimentation and critical thinking is fundamental.

“We need to plan our budget to harness digital in expanding our reach and change the set-up of our learning spaces to empower use of technology. Our institutional and learning framework should enable more collaborative activities between disciplines”

“Contact time is precious, which makes it risky to innovate, particularly in a climate where students see themselves as customers. That means that we need to invest in time, use this to create space to rethink teaching and develop new approaches, value experimentation and learn from the evidence this generates.

One thought on “Response 1: Enable success through an agile approach to technology and teaching

  1. To do what I do for teaching/facilitation I have to use my own equipment – computer and mobile phone. Contact time in the virtual world can be difficult to measure, but using the ideas from conventional practice also relate – e.g. I will look at blogs at least 3 times this term or I will have 3 Skype tutorials. Transnational students need different hours than the UK. In some ways we need to know what students expect so that we can consider that before we arrange the settings for university dialogues to help with understanding the coursework being experienced. Technology could follow the practice and now look for smaller solutions rather that university-wide solutions. In the meantime – I keep trying to update my understanding of communication in the 21st century – e.g. digital documents.

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