Response 4: Use digital data to support core values and secure sustainability

We need to ensure that fundamental institutional values around teaching, learning and research are at the heart of the use of new forms of data and analysis. Elegant use of local data can be a means of responding to, but not being beholden to, national instruments such as the NSS and the TEF. There is the potential to shift the emphasis from data-as-policing to data underpinning institutional values, change and practices.

“Universities should take a proactive approach and offer a collective response about the values and principles of higher education. Review the way in which the data is used to measure excellence in teaching practices, and involve individual institutions and disciplines to contribute to the design of measuring tools. Shift the focus from measuring contact time to more diverse evaluations of student engagement and student experience.”

“We want to influence the implementation of the Teaching Excellence Framework, so first of all it measures teaching excellence, and secondly can be used as a tool to support, nurture and spread excellent teaching practice.”

One thought on “Response 4: Use digital data to support core values and secure sustainability

  1. Who is gathering the data and how is it being used. Data follows how many times our students have been to the library (online) as well as our own tracking – so an academic footprint. One academic perspective could be that this use of data – while useful – could have tacit implications.
    Perhaps there could be a central location for information about what measurements are being done on a staff intranet so that academic are aware of the ways data is being used to measure success.

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