Response 3: Institutional and pedagogical change is informed by research

Research informed and inspired scholarship is at the heart of our institutional ethos. We should apply the same methods and evidence-based approaches to informing the digital aspects of teaching and learning as we do in externally funded research and development activities. We will use critical evaluation and user experiences to inform and enhance practice and accumulate institutional expertise.

“Focus on thinking, focus on exploration and focusing on creating networks is the most important thing that the university can bring. Teachers need more space to innovate their pedagogy and fail in safety. Focus should be on sifting through and evaluating the content and relationships between the elements.”

“Theoretical and practice evidence is important for creating rationale and narratives to justify strategies. A balance should be struck incorporating research, development and practice.”

One thought on “Response 3: Institutional and pedagogical change is informed by research

  1. Practice feeds research and research feeds practice. I have looked at sources like Literacy in the Digital University (Goodfellow and Lea ed.) but also workshops – e.g. Online doctorate – from Society for Research in Higher Education. Are there any journals that specialise in this type of research – or is it dispersed?

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