Response 2: Digital practice is central to delivering the institution’s mission

We need a practice-focused rather than technology-focused digital expertise, bridging high-level strategy and the realities of day-to-day work. The requires a ‘middle-out’ approach based on networks of staff which cross-cut institutional hierarchies and silos. We need to position digital practice as an integrated part of institutional practice, encouraging innovative and collaborative approaches to teaching, learning and research.

“We need a unit to support the transition and the evolution and persistence of the digital practice -putting the front-liners into forefront of the decision making. This unit requires champions throughout the institution so that this a truly peer-led initiative, and a flow of new blood through secondments. A unit that is actively engaging with practitioners and the strategic level of the university.”

“Our strategy and next steps should reflect and scaffold the whole student experience in its diversity and constant change, every student has a unique mix of individual and social experience and engagement with higher education within and beyond the taught curriculum and the ‘official’ spaces of the university.”

One thought on “Response 2: Digital practice is central to delivering the institution’s mission

  1. The digital university is here to stay – e.g. SRHE’s digital university network. It is something we should all strive for as practice and research.
    Are the network champions chosen for their skillsets or position? Is this job an added one or one that is measured in an academics workload? The networks could also cross-institutional lines – a case in pint with this Hack.

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